Instagram Ads Now Available in Greece

Instagram ads are now available in Greece through facebook Power Editor. The new advertising placement has been gradually rolling out in several markets worldwide during the last few months. The new option is available for the following 3 campaign objectives:

Facebook Retargeting: Custom Audience Pixel Upgrade

Facebook is gradually rolling out several updates to the Custom Audience pixel that will enable advertisers to measure, optimize and build audiences for ad campaigns—all from one pixel. In mid 2016, facebook will no longer allow the creation of new conversion pixels and the Custom Audience pixel will be the only way to measure, optimize for conversions and build audiences for all ad campaigns.

Audience insights not working in Facebook Ads Manager?

Audience insights is a tool available in Facebook Ads manager since May 2014, designed to help marketers learn more about their target audiences. With audience insights, marketers can start exploring the preferences of their target audience using: i) people connected or not connected to a business page they control ii) a custom audience or iii) everyone on facebook.

Digital Media Trends 2015

Consumer behavior and technology adoption constantly change digital trends. According to the new report from emarketer, the 2015 key trends in digital media will have significant impact on digital marketing practices. Apart from the "sure bets" key trends, the report continues by identifying also five uncertain trends and five "definitely not" happening trends in digital media.

Adwords Quality Score Factors Explained

Quality score is one of the most important numbers you will encounter in your Adwords account because "it can decide the fate of your account".(Geddes, Brad, Advanced Google Adwords, 2014) 

Introduced in 2005, Quality score is a number from 1 to 10, assigned to an ad copy by Google to measure how good the experience a searcher will have with the ad copy and the landing page. 

Quality score is important for adwords campaigns because it determines the ranked order of an ad in search results and subsequently the cost an advertiser has to pay to appear in paid search results. The higher the Quality score of an ad the less the advertiser pays. In contrast, raising your bid does not affect Quality Score, therefore even if you are willing to pay more you will not improve your Quality Score. Sounds fair, right? 

How to sell SEO services to local businesses

SEO makes no difference to anyone unless it has showed results. For uneducated or inexperienced buyers of SEO services, the market is a minefield. The truth is that selling SEO services is hard especially when pitching to new clients that may not understand neither the confusing language nor the value behind an organic search strategy.

Link building tutorial: Understanding inbound link analysis

Apart from the on-page SEO factors that include the "by the (Google) book" internal linking process of a website, external links are extremely important for organic search acquisition and are often described as "the streets between webpages" for search engines. Knowing what it takes to create a natural inbound link profile for your website is vital to avoid wasting time and more importantly, risking to be penalized by the search engines.

Organic Search Acquisition in 2014 [infographic]

In the era of interconnected tech companies, terms like "growth hacking", "360 campaigns" and "content marketing" became buzzwords. Organic search acquisition, formely known as SEO, evolved in to a process encompassing the core meaning of these terms. The following infographic, created exclusively using powerpoint (since i am not a designer myself...) aims to illustrate the framework for a succesful strategy in organic search acquisition.

YouTube Video SEO Guide 2015 (and a bit of history...)

With 100 hours of video content uploaded every minute and 6 billion views per month globally, you just can't ignore the force of YouTube. Google has managed to establish Youtube as the second largest search engine and video optimization increasingly becomes an essential tactic in online marketing. But before analyzing how YouTube SEO works, let's have a brief look at the history and business model of YouTube. 

Still looking for the Google Analytics Backlink Checker?

In fact there is no detailed feature in Google Analytics that provides information on the backlinks of a website, apart from the "Referral" traffic tab under "Acquisition" section. For a more detailed analysis of who is linking back to your site, you can use instead the Google Webmaster Tools and find all the valuable info regarding your website's SEO status from crawling status to impressions and CTRs in organic results and of course a detailed export of your recently acquired backlinks.
Find out below how to extract the Data using the tool.

Google search algorithm updates history (1999-2013)

In an attempt to regulate the search engine ecosystem and prevent search engine manipulation from webmasters, Google frequently updates its search algorithm, responsible for website rankings and user searching experience. These changes often cause variable issues and challenges to SEO tactics in a disruptive manner making website visibility in search results an increasingly difficult task for webmasters.

Social media posting tips and guide for facebook and Google plus

Chasing "likes" and +1s, comments, shares and retweets has become a priority in our social media lives, whether related to building a fan base, generating leads, boosting link building efforts, or simply seeking acknowledgement from our circles. The purpose of this brief guide is to educate users on how to create more engaging posts on social media networks.   

Infographic: SEO Ecosystem in 2013 & Beyond

Recent changes in search acquisition, mainly imposed by Google, are forming the new landscape for SEO and Paid Search. The following infographic, conceptualized and designed by foodforbots, illustrates the current state of search from an SEO perspective and where it is heading.

Google plus vs facebook market shares and statistics

Google plus launched in July 2011 and since then it has equally seen both strong growth and criticism. In May 2013 the social network had 343m active users. According to estimated statistics, social sharing on Google plus will surpass Facebook by 2016. But can this really be true?