Google nose case study. Orchestrating the perfect content marketing campaign.

Google launched today this years April's fool gag, a content marketing experiment. By implementing geographical targeting in local languages worldwide, Google Nose campaign is a demonstation of how Google perceives creativity through innovation and how it can leverage its vast audience reach to orchestrate the perfect content marketing campaign.

To be honest, earlier this morning i started smelling my iphone like a proper fool celebrating my name day! Eventually, i ended up thinking that it was far too innovative to be true... And then logic prevailed....
Google Nose, a spoof campaign by Google, is billed as the new 'smell search algorithm', which combines photons and infrasoundwaves (!) to reproduce fifteen million scents from Google's Aromabase just through any device...  As a result, users can search for scents as a new type of content and literally smell the scent of their preference, from dog's poop to the smell of a dead pharaoh!    What made this campaign look very real was that it was based on the concept that all innovations rely on ideas that solve everyday problems and address human needs (marketing planning follows immediately after!)  Google Nose aimed to solve an sociological issue that derives from our fast paced way of life and that is the lack of enough free time. "The modern human does not always have time to stop and enjoy natural things such as smelling a rose" they say and unfortunately it is totally true.   April 2013,Vangelis Kovaios