Mail marketing practices. Offering high value content for registrations.

List building is essential for all forms of permission marketing including mail marketing. As conversions (such as registrations, sales, etc) increasingly become more challenging for email marketing, online marketing companies diversify their offerings using content marketing. The current trend in email marketing is the offering of educational and rich media content as a means to increase conversions.

Offering valuable content for users and reaching the right audience are techniques used for years in mail and permission marketing. But as digital content evolves and the average online user becomes more sophisticated, offerings also tend to become more seductive. Whitepapers, free trials, exclusive offers, educational newsletters and recently webinars constitute some of free services offered by many of online marketing companies. An example of exclusive, rich media offering in the form of bite-sized webinar series is displayed below by hubspot academy, an educational project from an inbound marketing agency.

The offering of high value, relevant and concentrated content to the user is a content marketing strategy that facilitates the fulfillment of business goals (both in terms of micro or macro conversions). In addition, actionable segmentation of the offering can offer more control of the mail marketing campaign. In this example, Hubspot offers a bite-sizes, 5 min webinar once per week, divided in 3 levels of difficulty. Immediately after finishing the three part video course, hubspot cleverly switch their mail offering to a free inbound marketing assessment and so on. It would be interesting to see how deep is their conversion funnel and what macro-conversion rates they finally achieve.

April 2013, Vangelis Kovaios