Social media community relationship management and core values between stakeholders

Social media is a relationship-centric market based in old codes, where key stakeholders are responsible for maintaining effective communications when setting up the core values for their collaborations. According to social@Ogilvy, the foundations between social media players include ethical values such as:

  • Trust and respect between all stakeholders.
  • Transparency in communication, in terms of identity and real purposes..
  • True Value Exchange for all stakeholders. 
While trust is closely related to the demonstration of good faith and commitment, transparency includes honesty and ethics. True value exchange lies in the strategical construction of a forum, where the stakeholders are aligned for maximum performance.

Social Media Relationship Management
Core Values Between Stakeholders

By identifying the parties involved in the social media spectrum, can help you understand why social media relationships and their management is the new currency. Key players include:
  • Fans: Persons who display an interest for brands and their products/services and that may engage with them through certain social activity (such as follows, likes, shares, comments, retweets, repins etc.)
  •  Influencers/Tastemakers: The most active users on certain social networks divided in the following categories:
    •  Forum Leaders: Individuals usually hosting,coordinating forums or simply participating actively on forums and communities.
    •  Amateur Bloggers: Individuals who blog or microblog (i.e tweet) of a passion (like myself) and whose revenue is from somewhere else.
    • Professional Bloggers: Bloggers who earn their revenue from their blog. This category may include journalists or people who just don't identify themselves as journalists. 
All influencers share the characteristics such as authority, reach, relevance and of course influence.
  • Advertisers: Companies or in house employees working on behalf of a Brand for the marketing of a product or service.  
All of the above share the same interests, though each one from different perspective... Their interest is similar to their "away from keyboard" life, that is to cultivate their online relationships, grow their connections and invest in them.

June 2013,Vangelis Kovaios