Still looking for the Google Analytics Backlink Checker?

In fact there is no detailed feature in Google Analytics that provides information on the backlinks of a website, apart from the "Referral" traffic tab under "Acquisition" section. For a more detailed analysis of who is linking back to your site, you can use instead the Google Webmaster Tools and find all the valuable info regarding your website's SEO status from crawling status to impressions and CTRs in organic results and of course a detailed export of your recently acquired backlinks.
Find out below how to extract the Data using the tool.

How to Find your Links Data

First, log in to your Google Webmaster Tools account (or sign up if you haven't already and set up Google Webmaster Tools to the website you want to monitor). Select your website and under the "search traffic" category select "links to your site".

Backlink Checker in Google Webmaster Tools
Select "links to your site"

This lead you to a summary page where you can find which domains link the most to your site, which landing pages are the most linked and which anchor texts are the most common within links.

Backlink Checker in Webmaster Tools
Select "More"

Selecting "more" in each category will direct you to 3 different pages/reports where you can access all the backlink Data provided by Google Webmaster Tools. Export the Data from the 3 pages by selecting the "download this table" feature and then you can merge all extracted data to a master worksheet in Microsoft Excel where you can analyze your back link data accordingly. 

Google Webmaster Tools Backlink Checker
Select "Download this table"

Should you require to check only your latest backlinks, you can only select them through the "download latest links" option. 

Through this process you can monitor the backlink profile of website by using a spreadsheet for data analysis and plan your next link building move or evaluate your link building strategy. You can read more about link analysis of a website in our inbound link analysis.  

February 2014, by Vangelis Kovaios