Digital Media Trends 2015

Consumer behavior and technology adoption constantly change digital trends. According to the new report from emarketer, the 2015 key trends in digital media will have significant impact on digital marketing practices. Apart from the "sure bets" key trends, the report continues by identifying also five uncertain trends and five "definitely not" happening trends in digital media.

Digital Media Trends 2015

Five "Sure Bets" Digital Trends

  1. Real-time marketing and responsive web design will rule.
  2. Mobile Search will surpass Desktop.
  3. Programmatic advertising will move beyond Digital Display to traditional media such as TV.
  4. The Internet of Things will become mainstream...along with omnichannel marketing and additional data overload.
  5. Cross-device targeting at scale will enable audience buying more seamlessly.

Five "Maybes" Digital Trends

  1. Wearable devices might not be quite ready to wear.
  2. Mobile Payments will take a big jump in 2016.
  3. Social Commerce will migrate from traditional social networks to the emerging chat apps.
  4. Content Marketing might not turn into clutter.
  5. Pay TV subscriptions drop-off might still be more hype than reality.

Five "Definitely Nots" Digital Trends

  1. No need to worry about Desktop, it remains in steady decline.
  2. QR Codes are not the next big thing.
  3. Social TV: Despite the "Celebrity Selfie", conversations are fragmented and "quiet".
  4. Baby Boomers: Instead of spending, they save money for their retirement plans.
  5. Privacy and Security? No concerns whatsoever.
Remains to be seen if the above "presentiment" for digital media trends will be confirmed, and if yes to what extend. Any other prediction to share?

December 14, by Vangelis Kovaios