Facebook Retargeting: Custom Audience Pixel Upgrade

Facebook is gradually rolling out several updates to the Custom Audience pixel that will enable advertisers to measure, optimize and build audiences for ad campaigns—all from one pixel. In mid 2016, facebook will no longer allow the creation of new conversion pixels and the Custom Audience pixel will be the only way to measure, optimize for conversions and build audiences for all ad campaigns.

Facebook Retargeting Custom Audience Pixel Upgrade

The new updates include:

  • All Facebook pixels will load up to 3X faster than before. This feature is available today and no changes are necessary to take advantage of this improvement.

  • If you are opening a new ad account it is recommended that you implement the Custom Audience pixel on your website to build audiences for your retargeting campaigns as well as to measure and optimize all your campaigns. In this case you will not need to create a new Conversion Pixel since the new Custom Audience pixel will serve the same purpose. 

  • If you already have a Custom Audience pixel from your ad account follow the steps to learn how to modify your existing Custom Audience pixel.

  • If you only have the Conversion pixel implemented to your site, FB will continue to support the conversion pixel, but it is recommended to also implement the Custom Audience pixel to take advantage of these new features.

  • If you are not already using the Conversion pixel, with minor modifications to your existing Custom Audience pixel, you can now measure and optimize for conversions. Follow these steps to learn how to modify your existing Custom Audience pixel.

  • If you have a mobile app, you can now select your app in addition to your pixels for conversion tracking with website clicks and website conversions objectives in Power Editor. This capability, which was previously only available in the API, makes it even easier to track conversions that happen from people who use both your app and your website.

  • Finally, you can now share your Custom Audience pixel with other ad accounts through Business Manager. Pixel sharing is useful for advertisers who hire agencies to run ads on their behalf or advertisers with many sub brands. 

  • The new custom audience pixel looks like this:

    Facebook Upgraded Custom Audience Pixel

    You can add a line of code by selecting any event from the "standard" events list below, placing it immediately after the fbq('track','Pageview'); and before the closing tag.

    Facebook conversions pixel

    Depending on your CMS you can either tag specific pages with the new custom audience pixel, or better you could tag the entire site and then set URL rules within the FB ads manager. This process is called custom conversions and you can find more on the ads help center

    In case you want to track conversions i.e. purchases, you will need to place the pixel only on the thankyou page (*modified with the fbq('track','Purchase',{ }) tag as listed above).

    2 July 2015, by Vangelis Kovaios