Instagram Ads Now Available in Greece

Instagram ads are now available in Greece through facebook Power Editor. The new advertising placement has been gradually rolling out in several markets worldwide during the last few months. The new option is available for the following 3 campaign objectives:
  • Clicks to Website
  • Mobile App Installs
  • Video Views
The potential audience size which is available for targeting in the Greek market is estimated to nearly 450.000 users according to facebook.

Instagram ads now available through power editor
Screenshot from facebook Power Editor

For accounts in several countries that don't have access to instagram ads yet, facebook has set October 2015 as start date for the global availability of the service.

Facebook has integrated the relevant instagram ad specs for design recommendations in their ads guide and it is important to note that in order to properly run, track and manage conversations related to an instagram ad, advertisers will need to add an instagram account in their business manager or their page settings.

Instagram ads available in Greece
One of the first Instagram ads in Greece

According to VentureBeat, the results of their first campaign were very promising, pointing that "instagram users are very active and the double tap heart button is used more loosely than the good old facebook like." The same source also mentions that "advertising on instagram is 50% more expensive than advertising on facebook."

You can find out more info on instagram ads for brands & marketers in a recent update from social@Ogilvy below:

September 2015, by Vangelis Kovaios