Born in the year of the first personal computer Commodore PET> My first PC was a Sinclair ZX Spectrum+> Spent my school years in front of the green screen of an Amstrad CPC 6128> Sequenced my first MIDI track on an Atari ST running Cubase 2.0> My first encounter with social media and hashtagging was through a dial up modem on mIRC platform developed by an alumnus of the University i graduated when the internet was only still used by less than 5 per cent of the world's population (Cohen, 2011). > Observed the force of Napster disrupting the value chain of the music industry (Meisel & Sullivan, 2002) and the dawn of unorganized content diffusion through peer to peer networks> Wrote my postgraduate dissertation on 'Emerging digital music markets' when the creative/content industries were in flux by struggling to devise new business models and conducted most of my research by beta testing Google Scholar > Registered on Facebook during its early adoption phase in 2005 and deactivated my account in 2006 when i realized its success was based on sharing gossip (today my account is mainly active for use in FB Power Editor)> abandoned social networks such as hi5 before it became obsolete and forgot my password on myspace after years of inactivity> Introduced to link bait when Burger King launched the 'Subservient Chicken' website with its server crashing daily due to high virality>>>>>>Since then, i have been praising the gifts of digital communism for Web 2.0, the speed of mobile networks, the new way of personal development through elearning and MOOCs, the pluralism in blogging platforms and their educational value in basic programming, the increasing sophistication of Search, the Data-driven evolution of digital marketing & analytics, the rise of community marketplaces and collaborative consumption and all the astonishing outcomes of the growth hacking mindset.

Vangelis Kovaios is a Performance Marketing Professional at Neo@Ogilvy, Athens. He is Certified in Web Analytics, Google Adwords, SEO, Social Media Ethics and Programmatic Advertising

You can contact me @linkedin